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Check out the videos we have had the pleasure of creating with our talented production company and the amazing parents and teens who star in them!

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Videos

Check out our 3 new videos starring Wisconsin teens! They were created to raise awareness about Wisconsin’s GDL law and how it keeps teens — and everyone — safer on the road. Please watch and SHARE them!

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Teen Driver Safety: Lessons Learned 

We hope we are never involved in a crash, but the reality is that many of us will be. Candid Wisconsin teens share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned as a result. We all share the common goal of supporting safe teen drivers, and these teens’ stories illustrate ways to reduce risks on the road.



Teen Driver Safety: Learn about Wisconsin's Graduated Driver License

What is GDL and why is it important for new teen drivers? Steps for earning the instruction permit, probationary license and regular license are explained in this video. Wisconsin's GDL law reduces risk by making sure teens gradually build driving experience under lower risk conditions. We all share the common goal of supporting safe teen drivers, which is why awareness of the GDL law is important for everyone to reduce the risks on the road.




Teen Driver Safety: Practice Matters

How good are you at anything after only 30 hours of practice? Wisconsin's GDL Law states that 30 hours is the minimum amount of time spent practicing behind the wheel before teens can take their driving skills test. Whether it’s playing an instrument or learning a new sport, the more you practice, the better you become. When it comes to driving, practice matters.



Driving is a Team Effort

Parents and teens often have different views on driving. Talking about these differences can help to make learning to drive a positive experience. See what these parents and teens have to say about driving, then start your own conversation about safe teen driving. 

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