Student-Led Teen Traffic Safety Projects

Goal: To improve teen traffic safety in Wisconsin through student-led projects that promote engagement, peer-to-peer education and teen ownership.   

How it works:

With the help of an adult mentor, students can choose to

  • implement a Crossroads campaign,
  • implement a “Quick Win” project (requires a couple of people and minimal time),
  • design your own teen traffic safety project for your school (requires more people and more time, but funding is available for you!),
  • OR mix and match from these options!

More information about each of these options is provided below. You can choose the level of commitment that works best for your school.

Student leadership is key to the success of the campaigns and projects. Student leaders may belong to groups that already exist at your school (e.g. FCCLA), or you may wish to establish a new group that addresses teen traffic safety either independently or as a subset of related topics (e.g. Teen Health, Safety and Wellness).

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  Crossroads Campaigns

The Crossroads campaign schedule is as follows:

  • National Teen Driver Safety Week campaign in October
    • National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) is a great platform to focus on raising awareness and seeking solutions to help our new drivers stay safe.  
    • Click here for the 2020 NTDSW daily messaging plan focused on distracted driving awareness
  • Fall/Winter Preparedness campaign
  • Distracted Driving Awareness month in April 
    • Click here for a month of messaging about distracted driving. 
    • Click here for info about conducting a Distracted Driving Observation Survey and click here for a sample form.
  • Promotion of the AAA PROMise campaign (free kit is ordered through AAA)
    • AAA's PROMise kit focuses on reducing alcohol- and drug-related crashes during the prom through graduation season. Each school can order one FREE kit and AAA ships the kit directly to your school. Read more about the kit here

After completing a campaign, student leaders will be asked to complete a brief self-assessment.

Information about our campaigns is sent out through our monthly newsletter. Click on "Newsletter Sign-up" at the top of the page or email us for more information!

  "Quick Wins"

Teen Traffic Safety "Quick Wins" are ways to share your message through activities that only require a couple of people and a little bit of time. 

Click here to see our menu of "Quick Wins".

Once completed, submit a picture or summary of your "Quick Win" to us via email or social media (@CrossroadsTeenDriving on Facebook, @KnowCrossroads on Twitter) so we are aware of your work and can send something off to your school! 

  Designing your own school project

How to design a project:

The first step is to identify students who want to be involved and an adult who will serve as a mentor to the group. The next step is to select a project focus. Projects should aim to provide awareness about top risk factors, what teens can do to keep themselves and others safe on the road, and/or Wisconsin’s Graduated Driver Licensing law. To maximize interest, pick a topic that is meaningful or unique to your school. Finally, come up with a plan to carry out your project. School projects can range from a one-time event (e.g., a safety fair or a presentation) to a year-long focus (e.g. repeated messaging at school games and concerts).

For some project examples and ideas, check out Campaign/Project Ideas. We also have a toolkit that walks you through the process of identifying a project topic, defining objectives, and performing an evaluation. Crossroads can always assist your school with identifying a project, too!

Funding opportunity

Projects designed by students for their own schools can be submitted to Crossroads to determine if they qualify for funding. To be considered for funding, please submit a proposal by clicking here. Proposals will be accepted until January 31, 2020 (but the projects can be completed anytime before the end of the school year).

Funding will be offered based on the strength of the proposal. Schools will be notified if their proposal is accepted 2-3 weeks after submission. Upon acceptance, schools will be asked to complete an Agreement for the Funding of Student-Led Teen Traffic Safety Projects along with a brief project plan, timeline and budget estimate. Funding from other sources such as community donations may be combined with these funds to enhance the project.

Crossroads will provide support as needed to students designing and implementing a project. We will check in with students during the school year and ask that students report their progress via email or social media. After the project is completed, the student leaders will be asked to complete a brief self-assessment and submit it to Crossroads.  

  Campaign/Project Ideas